The Core Consulting ethos strikes a balance between the need to ‘think differently’ about the challenges we face and ‘doing’ or getting things done.

The Core Consulting approach includes:

Reality Check

Everybody talks about growth and pursuit of growth. However, initially it is important to critically look at current activities and performance to avoid building on unsteady foundations.

Considering New Possibilities

Addressing business growth challenges requires the ability to consider the ‘What if’ question and actively looking at new growth possibilities, options, markets, products and customers.


Growth will bring challenges and risks. We assist business owners to assess the various options for growth and objectively review the risk/benefit of these options.


As well as considering the options for growth, being open to significantly changing what ‘we currently do’, ‘how we do it’ and ‘doing new things’ is vital.


Implementation with conviction will go a long way to determining if a strategy is to be successful – we get involved and support owner/managers with the implementation and monitoring of growth plans through ongoing coaching and mentoring.

We provide advice on the best options and routes for growth as well as actively supporting owner/managers with the implementation of their growth plans.