Strategy and Business Growth Planning

Core Consulting work with owner managers directly and through various business growth programmes to assist SMEs to define and implement sustainable growth plans which build on the distinctive advantage of their product or service offering. Assistance in this area can include:

  • Identification of aspirations and appetite for growth – This is simple question but the basis of a successful strategy – where do we want to go?
  • Where will we operate – Understanding the market and then deciding which markets segments and product / service categories do we choose?
  • How will we compete – What is our proposition, what makes us different, how will be win and why should somebody buy from us?
  • Our capabilities and competence – What resources, processes and operations need to be in place to deliver our proposition in the markets and sectors we target?
  • Management and monitoring – Defining a distinctive strategy is relatively straightforward, getting it implemented is the challenging part – How will we work with employees to gain buy-in, set clear milestones and manage performance metrics?

The Core Consulting team recognise the need to quickly convert strategic priorities into clear actions and we possess the project planning skills, creativity and energy to assist clients to move quickly from strategic planning through to implementation.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Core Consulting possess significant experience in the development and implementation of innovative marketing and sales strategies. In short – we assist businesses to develop clear plans for the retention of existing customers and also for targeting new sectors and opportunities based on clear product/service offerings and propositions. Activities in this area include:

  • Which markets are we in and what are the future prospects/opportunities?
  • What markets / segments will we select and deselect?
  • Which product / service categories will we target?
  • Which geographic areas will we choose?
  • Where is the value in the market?
  • How will we leverage new technologies / innovations and collaborations?
  • Are we delivering value or offering a commodity?

We do this using our extensive experience in delivering effective strategies with measurable results to a wide range of clients – from large corporates to SMEs.

Export Research and Market Development

It is our view that one of the key strands of a successful business growth strategy is an SME’s ability to secure sales in export markets. The lead consultants from Core Consulting have direct experience in executive export development roles. We have ‘covered the ground’ already and know the key stages of export success – rather than the theory of exporting alone. Support in this area can include:

  • Initial review of current export activity and potential opportunities for growth;
  • Development of criteria for selection of specific regions/customers/partners;
  • Conduct export research on specific markets or manage research through our established network of export trade consultants;
  • Identify potential in-market partners in specific countries;
  • Review of findings from in-market research and consider implications for export market development priorities;
  • Conduct sales prospecting activity on behalf of the company to identify sales opportunities or potential partners.

Core Consulting has assisted SMEs to target and secure new sales in over 20 countries in the past 4 years either through direct sales activity or through the appointment of agents and distributors in export markets. We also provide training and development workshops as well as direct mentoring support to SMEs in targeting export growth.

Tendering and Bid Management

Core Consulting has developed an expertise in assisting SMEs to source and bid for tenders in NI, ROI and export markets including Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Qatar and Germany. Support with tendering is focused on the following key areas:

  • Selecting target markets to identify opportunities;
  • Souring bid opportunities – both through live tender sites and proactively contacting buyers of specific products or services;
  • Deciding if you can create a compelling and winning bid;
  • Consider partnerships and consortiums in submitting bids to be more competitive;
  • Submitting a professional and winning bid;
  • Gathering feedback, learning from it and continuously improving.

This support is provided through:

  • Training and workshops;
  • One-to-One (as well as team) mentoring and coaching;
  • Assisting companies with the development and submission of live tenders.

Core Consulting deliver sector specific tendering programmes – for example, we have recently delivered programmes for companies in the aerospace and food / drink sectors.